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About Us


Founded in 2012, we united forces and over 15 years experience to offer better services to former and new clients. We have made long lasting relationships with private home owners and profesional designers in need of our services.


Architectural Design:

We help you go from an idea to a full project. We provide all sorts of drafting services and full project development construction plans.

3D Visualization:

With over 15 years experience, we can take your design from 2D to a 3D experienced walkthrough and high quality images to better your sells.

Engineering Design:

We have a big team of engineers to help you take your projects to a new level, we work hand in hand with all specialty engineering designs so it all comes together, structural, pluming, electrical.

Material Takeoffs

When all your plans are finished, we can give you an on detaild excel sheet with all project phases, material and labor cost and quantities, you will know exactly the cost of every phase of your construction project.

Labor Safty, Environmental Impact

Specialized in Environmental Impact, labor safty zones , agriculture and food industry studies, we can advise and create plans to better your company’s environment and services.


  • Ing. Mario Fernández
  • Ing. Humberto Solis
  • Arq. Franklin Muñoz

Colaboration Team

  • Ing. Jonathan Alvarez
  • Arq. Alejandro Lara
  • Arq. Martha Lola
  • Arq. William Lau
  • Arq. Moises Lira
  • Arq. Oscar Castillo
  • Ing. Roberto Calderón
  • Ing. Carlos Salinas
  • Ing. Tomas Peña
  • Arq. Xochilt Sequeira
  • Arq. Yaro Lanuza
  • Arq. Stephanie Fernández
  • Arq. Rolando Caldera

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